Eric Y Chuang, ScD, EMBA

Graduate Institute of Biomedical, Electronics and Bioinformatics; National Taiwan University, Taipei

Eric Chuang received his doctorate in cancer biology with toxicology and molecular genetics as two sub-specialties from Harvard University and his doctoral thesis was to study radiation-induced mutagenesis in human cells. After graduation, he stayed at Harvard as a postdoctoral fellow for one year. He then joined the NCI Radiation Biology Branch as an IRTA fellow to study Radiogenomics in Bethesda, MD. Next, he became the Head of Microarray Laboratory for Radiation Oncology Sciences Program at NCI; his lab was to develop new initiatives that utilized state-of-the-art microarray technologies for studying radiation oncology related research projects. Being an expert in microarray technologies and radiation biology/oncology, he has published more than 40 peer reviewed papers in related fields. After working at the NIH for several years, he took a faculty position at National Taiwan University (NTU). In 2009, he joined the Radiation Research Program of Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis as a Program Director to oversee a portfolio of grants that include radiation-induced signaling pathways, molecular mechanisms and normal tissue injuries as well as radiation related genomic studies. In 2011, he returned to National Taiwan University and is currently a Professor and Director of NTU-Yonglin Biomedical Engineering Center.