Vol 7, Supplement 5 (June 08, 2018): Translational Cancer Research


When something goes wrong: B cell responses to hepatitis C virus
Vito Racanelli, Patrizia Leone
Radiotherapy in breast cancer through a value-based perspective
Sara Bartoncini, Stefania Martini, Umberto Ricardi, Pierfrancesco Franco
New light on the pancreatic cyst conundrum
Nathan A. Berger
Atezolizumab: state of art and future perspective in non-small cell lung cancer treatment
Silvia Vecchiarelli, Lorenza Landi, Federico Cappuzzo
Pembrolizumab and other immunotherapies in patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer—are we entering a new era?
Jan Norum
FBXW7 circular RNA repress glioma tumorigenesis
Mariana Tomazini Pinto, Rui Manuel Reis
Neoadjuvant pertuzumab, T-DM1, weekly paclitaxel and possible anthracyclines in HER2 positive early breast cancer treatment— questions from the KRISTINE study
Jack P. Gleeson, Niamh M. Keegan, Patrick G. Morris
Non-small cell lung carcinoma: understanding cancer microenvironment to drive immunotherapy and patients’ selection
Angelo Castello, Egesta Lopci
Sparing chemotherapy with dual HER2 blockade in combination with endocrine therapy for advanced HER2 positive breast cancer
Gustavo Werutsky, Tomás Reinert, André Poisl Fay
Therapeutic potential of osimertinib in the treatment of lung cancer with HER2 aberrations
Guo-Qing Qian, Shi-Yong Sun
Anthracycline cardiotoxicity: new actors on the stage
Donato Cappetta, Konrad Urbanek, Francesco Rossi, Antonella De Angelis
Hypofractionated radiation therapy for early breast cancer and regional nodal irradiation—the jury is still out
Hilde Van Parijs, Nele Adriaenssens, Claire Verschraegen, Zineb Dahbi, Vincent Vinh-Hung, Guy Storme, Mark De Ridder, Nam P. Nguyen
Disrupting membrane lipids composition promotes tumorigenesis: the other dark side of cholesterol and the potential implication of gangliosides
Tony Lefebvre, Philippe Delannoy
Cancer immunotherapy: accelerating the immune response without releasing the brakes
Luis I. Terrazas, Felipe Vaca-Paniagua
CD73: a new biomarker in triple-negative breast cancer
Virginie Lafont, Henri-Alexandre Michaud, Nathalie Bonnefoy
Circular RNAs—a missing piece in pulmonary macrophage activation in silica-induced inflammation
Tomasz Powrózek, Teresa Małecka-Massalska
A novel approach to cancer therapy using melanin-containing patches
Cristina Martelli, Mario Clerici
The eligibility of primary tumor resection for de novo stage IV breast cancer patients
Tadahiko Shien
Gut microbes modulate host response to immune checkpoint inhibitor cancer immunotherapy
Kebin Liu, Chunwan Lu
LATITUDE and other coordinates in quality of life of prostate cancer patients
Maria Lucia Reale, Consuelo Buttigliero, Marcello Tucci, Rosario F. Di Stefano, Francesca Vignani, Massimo Di Maio
The microbiota impact: bacteria shaping immunity, disease and response to therapy
Marianna Nuti, Ilaria G. Zizzari, Andrea Botticelli, Lorenza Putignani, Paolo Marchetti
Hope for high risk chronic lymphocytic leukemia after ibrutinib failure
Ohad Benjamini


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